Fresh Cannoli  $3.00ea

At Orlandofreshbred.com everything is made to order and delivered to you, or you can simply stop by any of the farmers markets. We do several markets a week 

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pizza shells

​We have a verity of

​different sizes

​4" pack of 6 $5.00

Large Sicilian Pizza shell​​​   

$8.00 ea

Rainbowcookies $18.00dz



Nutella star

$13.00 ea

Sin -a- min star $13.00 ea.


2 for $5.00


$3.00 ea

Traditional Homemade Italian cookies and pastries​ 

Long Italian Bread $3.00 ea

Round Italian Bread $5.00

     Traditional Jewish

egg bread large $10.00

Fioccia Black and Green Olive or Roasted Garlic and Rosemary$5.00 ea.


bag of 3

$3.00 a bag.

Cream Puffs $15.00 dz.


and then some

Italian style breads